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Motivation to Change Your Life

150 Million Americans are Over Weight! 
More than 27% of the U.S. Military Now Over Weight!  Get Help NOW!

Whether you are training for your health, to lose weight, or perhaps to later serve your country or community as a military member or police officer or fire fighter, this site is dedicated to you.  We take great pride in preparing people to serve their country by getting fit and meeting height and weight standards in order to join.  We also understand that many Americans need to start somewhere in order to reduce ever growing obesity statistics.

These fitness programs are all about providing a foundation of fitness on which to build upon - not beat you down with workouts too difficult to complete.  We can help you reduce injuries, increase performance, and for many beginners - lose weight and inches through safe and effective workouts and eating plans.  We have many motivational stories to help you realize that YOU can do this too.  It is not rocket science.  It is about moving more - eating better - drinking more water.  Here are many of our options in ebook or book format:

The 90 Day Beginner Guide to Fitness
Reclaim Your Life - The Erin O'Neill Program ebook

Veteran's Fitness - Baby Boomer and a Flat Stomach ebook
Circuit Training 101 eBook
The Combat Swimmer Stroke DVD
The Pre-Habit Workout DVD

Entire Catalog

Much of our information is FREE - such as the free 45 day plan and Lean Down Food Plan to help you get started.  We also have beginner fitness workouts for those who can only workout in their home as well as circuit workouts for those of you who like gym workout routines.  Hundreds of articles in the article archive can help you as well.

In fact, the new 52 Week Beginner Plan actually has both calisthenics / dumbbell based workouts you can do in your home as well as weight room / cardio machine workouts you can do at a fitness club.  You actually have over 10 workouts a week to choose from for an entire year for ONLY $100.

For a more personalize approach, we have the Online PT Club which offers personalized training programs for whatever condition and goals you are seeking to achieve.  Call and email trainer and fitness author Stew Smith CSCS weekly (as many times as needed - no limit) to discuss progress or any issues in training.  This program has been in existence since 1998 as an online training tool for Stew Smith CSCS.

Let us help you - email us, call us, we'd be happy to help you get started moving and seeing results!

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Personalized Online PT Club

52 Week
Beginner Plan

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